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Our growing DDMRP community

We are very proud of the growing Demand Driven community that we are building. This community includes the authors of DDMRP, leading demand driven consultancies, ERP consultancies, early adopters, thought leaders, universities, training organizations and most important of all: OUR CLIENTS. What unifies this  community is that we are all innovators and we all believe deeply in the principles of demand driven. We have one common objective: MAKE DEMAND DRIVEN SUCCESSFUL. 

business benefits achieved by our customers using DDMRP

Our business DDOM and DDMRP cases

PROTEA CHEMICALS : Who stole my inventory?

After 4 attempts with a variety of forecasting/APS solutions spanning almost 2 decades, Protea Chemicals never really felt in control despite continued efforts to  ‘improve the forecast’ and ‘optimize the  safety stocks’ across their network. Then 1 year after implementing DDMRP service level had soared whilst inventory levels plummeted leaving many wondering if the inventory had been stolen as they stared at the vast empty spaces in their warehouses.


Inventory Reduction
Reduction in planning team size
OTIF Inprovement

Sames Kremlin : Zen Planning

Our first customer will always be special. Before adopting DDMRP, service levels were not where the company needed them to be.  Planners were scrambling to chase orders, inventory and material availability. Production focused on OEE and the competitors frequently outpreformed them.  The results and awards (King of Supply Chain in France 2018) speak for themselves, but the way DDMRP alleviated stress and united the company  was special.


Planning time reduction
Service level increase
Revenue increase from better service

Air Liquide : Targeting 100% Service

Air Liquide Healthcare hardgoods business faced bad customer service despite investing heavily in inventory. However within 3 months the DDMRP operating model had improved their service by over 12 points and stabilized their OTIF. By providing over 100 suppliers with a clear signal of requirements they are now able to respond quicker to the market with less inventory


Lead time reduction
Inventory reduction
Service level point increase

bioMérieux : Better Inventory!

When your products help people detect and initiate treatment for life threatening illnesses, your service levels need to be flawless and the global response from your supply chain needs to be lightening fast.  So when the DDMRP operating model enabled you to reduce your inventory levels by more than 30% while at the same time improving your time to market by 60%; it is not that a difficult desicion to roll DDMRP out globally!


Lead time reduction
Order to cash time reduction


next evolution of the primary planning mechanism


DDMRP is an evolution of the current forecast driven MRP that was developed over 40 years ago and is embedded in most ERP systems today. Because this primary mechanism is causing high inventories, poor service levels and overcapacities issues, many companies now consider these techniques obsolete and are actively looking for an alternative approach. DDMRP has already been successfully deployed across retailers, distributors and manufacturers from a wide range if industry sectors.

DDMRP has been successful deployed across manufacturing, distribution and retailing. 


Manufacturers have the longest lead time, suffer the highest degree of variability and are being penalized if they don't meet the OTIF standards of their customer.


Distributors are caught in the middle. They constantly try to appease their customers while relying heavier upon manufacturers where all of the risk pools.


Retailers are having to deal with rapidly changing market trends that enable the consumer to access products in ever increasing ways. This makes price and availability key.

Impact on your people

Make it DDMRP unbelievably easy

Chill out with clear priorities and less emergencies as production plan stabilises and quality, service and lead times improve simultaneously.

Relax by becoming a buffer manager and not spending hours each day chasing and updating the forecast in your off line excel spreadsheet.

Achieve Zen by using a simple priority system that ensures your products are evenly distributed thoughout your networks based on  actual customer demand.

Become all seeing, knowing exactly what is needed, when and where and which vendors to focus on to reduce your buffers and increase your speed to market.

Be able to deliver 100% OTIF to your customers ever changing demands thereby making them the ‘King of Revenue’ not the ‘Bane of Operations’.

Have confidence that your operations will deliver on time and in full thereby allowing you to focus on the future and growth and not having to constantly fight fires that never extinguish.

Over 1300 users in 150 global locations

Some of our DDMRP clients









Client Testimonials

Sonia Richard testimonial

Our Demand Driven project was not just a supply chain or IT project. It was a project the mobilised the entire enterprise from the broadroom to the shop floor.

Sonia Richard
Head of Upstream | bioMérieux
Wilfried Legeron

Thanks to b2wise's DDMRP solution our commercial and purchase teams are starting to understand the complexities and the competitive advantage our supply chain can give us.

Wilfried Legeron
Continous Improvement | Air Liquide
Ruben Lawrenz

Protea Chemicals was an early adopter of DDMRP and in working with B2Wise, we have truly unleashed the power of planning throughout the organisation

Ruben Lawrenz
Planning manager | Protea Chemicals
Audrey Mougeot

We reduced MOQ by half, inventory by 20%, lead time by 43% and broke down mnay departmental silos! We were so proud to win King of the Supply Chain in France.

Audrey Mougeot
Supply Chain Manager | Sames Kremlin

demand driven champions

Some of our DDMRP partners



DDMRP Bootcamps






Partners' Testimonials

Laurent Penard_BD_ c

During our pioneering work on Demand Driven, b2wise worked tirelessly with us to ensure their solution mastered the complexity of our most challenging Demand Driven environments. Our partnership is a major asset.

Founder & CEO - Citwell
Francois Quere

b2wise has allowed XL Group to quickly build knowledge in the DDMRP methodology and has supported us in becoming a DDI Affiliate. Laurent Vigouroux's dynamism and expertise are invaluable.

Senior consultant XL Groupe

b2wise has been a trusted partner in our mission to bring the revolutionary DDMRP principles to our clients. They are very perceptive to customer needs and are very flexible to ensure they always meet and exceed customer expectations. What differentiates them from others is that they are not only technically strong in DDMRP software but are also subject matter experts in this field and are educators par excellence. We wish them all the success!

Naveen Narayanan
Managing Director
Roger Fleury

b2wise are an ideal partner to work with as they really do love their customers. Not only do they truly care about the quality of their software and the services they provide, but they have exactly the right insight on what is needed to deliver “DDMRP for Dynamics” as a global solution.

Roger Fleury
Shea Global

Awards? We've won few with DDMRP


Logistics Achiever Awards - Gold Prize

We are proud of our client Protea Chemicals and our South African team to have won the gold award for our DDMRP project at this prestigious black tie event. This projects shows what can be achiave if you bring together 2 passionate organisations with one single goal, to transform planning.  Protea Chemicals is one of our most mature client in terms of Demand Driven Transformation.


People’s choice award at Paris SCE

We are honored that our DDMRP solution received this award of been highly relevant in today’s digital market place. This competition is organized in parallel with the Supply Chain Event event in Paris. 32 companies competed, they each had to explain why their digital solution was most innovative and above all most relevant to their market.


King of Supply Chain - France

Very proud to have won for the second time the King of Supply Chain Award in Paris. Leila Bouhali and Laurent Vigouroux presented their work on a Demand Driven transformation at Sames Kremlin, one of the first company to ever implement DDMRP.

supply chain planning and ddmrp experts

Our DDMRP Team

Milwaukee, USA
Querétaro, México
Lyon, France
Cape Town, South Africa
Birmingham, UK

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