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An adaptive end-to-end supply planning tool that will grow with your business

The b2wise application overview

Our end-to-end DDMRP solution overview

Becoming DDMRP driven is not just about deploying a new order recommendation engine that synchronizes your supply planning within the operational range.

To truly become a DDMRP driven organization, your solution needs to cover both the tactical and strategic ranges as well as provide visibility across your global supply chain. Your solution must be able to map your processes; provide all the necessary alerts; embrace all the advancements in AI, Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics; be scalable globally; integrate seamlessly with the multiple ERP system; meet your cyber security needs; provide all the necessary performance analytics to run projections, compare scenarios and sign-off on the S&OP process; and finally, your solution must advance with you as your understanding of DDMRP increases.

In short, your solution needs to be an adaptive end-to-end supply planning tool that will grow with your business, and this is what b2wise’s SaaS solutions provides.
application ddmrp
logiciel ddmrp
Logiciel b2wise DDMRP

Adaptive S&OP

Focus on critical resources – Fast simulations

Multiple scenario management

Demand Planning

Tournament forecast

History cleansing


Promotions, NPI, EOL

KPI – Monitoring


Alert trending KPI

BI access to DataMart


Working capital,
space and resource needs


Optimize your parameters

Improve your forecast

Right size your buffers

Modelling & Parameter Setting

Buffer and ADU Policy setting

Inventory and Service level modelling
b2wise chaine d'approvisionnement

Supply Planning

Step 1 to 5 DDMRP

Position, Protect and Pull
b2wise chaine d'approvisionnement

Distribution planning


Load building

Priority share

b2wise chaine d'approvisionnement

Manufacturing Planning

Production Schedule (Weekly Feasible Plan)

Work Centre Priorities

Capacity Planning

Hours / $ / Space

Constrained / Unconstrained

Capacity Buffers

Alert-Based Workflow

Create daily workflows

Create your synchronization alerts

Finite Scheduling & Priority Control

Time buffers

Shop floor control

Product Management



Cannibalization of sales

Supplier Management

Multi sourcing

Stock builds

Supplier portals

ERP Integration

Flexible in-tool data connector

Formal SAP and D365 Integration

Want to see more about our software?

Want to see more about our 

end to end supply chain planing software

Benefits of the b2wise application

For Businesses
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Unleash your team

Create competitive advantage

Your supply chain is the heart of your business. Without it, nothing works. By improving the flow of your materials and information and linking your leadership and planning teams with the right tools, you can start to unlock the full potential of your business.

Focus on flow

  • Protect service levels
  • Maximize revenue
  • Minimized inventory
  • Reduce emergencies
  • Improve cash-to-cash cycle
  • Increase ROI
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For Planners
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Clear and Simple Signals

Planning and Execution Aligned

Planners need a simple, highly visual planning and execution system that is not underpinned by Excel and does not require a degree in applied mathematics to understand.

Key Features

  • Powerful, visual indicators
  • Mapped workflow
  • Simplified calculations
  • Easy-to-use software
  • What if modelling
  • Certified training
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For Managers
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Focus on what matters most

Monitor and improve performance

Managers need to know that the system is operating well – planners are working the process and actioning the alerts; KPI’s are showing progress in the right direction; and key resources are focused on what is important.

Better control

  • Make informed decisions
  • Analyze daily KPI’s
  • Identify bottlenecks
  • Adjust problem buffers
  • Set realistic targets
  • Align the business
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For the Future
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Become part of a (R)evolution

Start innovating again

b2wise is a young and energetic company on a journey to create world class enterprise planning software based on Demand Driven principles. Our growth is driven by our wonderful clients who share our ambition.

Key Features

  • Process management
  • Globally scalable
  • IA, ML et analyses prédictives
  • Performance analytics
  • Collaboration
  • In-memory processing
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