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La Bouche rouge: Start-up & supply chain, agility for cash?

La Bouche Rouge was created in 2017 and is specialized in the cosmetic industry. The company produces and delivers a wide range of refillable make-up products all around the world. Its commitment is to ensure an entire Supply Chain without plastic, from the supplier to the end customer, which is exclusive to the company. The formula has been developed in the respect of the environment. Since its creation, the company had achieved incredible success by doubling its revenues yearly. And guess what? Supply Chain is the heart of such an amazing growth!

Why should you start building your Supply Chain when you’re a start-up? What do you need to easily deploy your Supply Chain? How b2wise and DDMRP enable it? 

Amandine Rivasseau, head of Supply Chain at La Bouche Rouge, will answer all these questions during this amazing webinar. 

This webinar will be hosted by Laurent Vigouroux, VP Brand Ambassador at b2wise.


This webinar will be in English

March 9th, 2023 

Amandine Rivasseau – Head of Supply Chain – La Bouche Rouge
Laurent Vigouroux – VP Brand Ambassador – b2wise 


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