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Comment optimiser simultanément ses tailles de campagne et son niveau de stock ?

Comment optimiser simultanément ses tailles de campagne et son niveau de stock ?

Dans les entreprises de process, les contraintes de taille de lot, de cuve, de campagne de production imposent aux planificateurs de prendre des décisions d’anticipation pour trouver le juste équilibre entre le coût de production et le niveau de stock. Dans un système MRP, la solution est d’anticiper les prévisions pour créer ces campagnes. Quel est l’impact sur l’obsolescence des produits? le volume de stockage? les capacités de production?

Comment prendre des décisions plus pertinentes ? comment visualiser l’impact direct de ces décisions ? Le DDMRP permet de prendre des décisions sur l’information la plus pertinente : la demande client, et permet d’équilibrer les stocks/les flux de manière pertinentes.

En une heure, Frederic Picano CEO de b2wise France et Europe du Sud et Victor Eyrich, Customer Success Manager chez b2wise partageront avec vous :
1) Le problème de la planification des industries de process
2) La solution vient du flux
3) Les outils que met à disposition le DDMRP
4) Retour d’expérience client

September 23rd, 2021 – 11 am CEST
Frederic Picano & Victor Eyrich

The mistake of the 7 Wastes of Lean for supply chain managers

Inventory is not a waste, but overstock IS a waste. When you go to the grocery store, would you say that your favourite ice cream inventory is a waste ?

For Supply Chain managers, it’s a BIG mistake lean is making over and over again. Inventory is made to deliver your customer on time, to absorb demand and supply variability, to make your bottlenecks work without disruption to synchronize all the different flows of material.
Inventory is an asset that needs to be well managed.

During this webinar, we’ll review step by step the 7 waste of Lean for Supply Chain Managers and analyze deeper how to manage efficiently your inventory to avoid overstock and disruptions.

October 14th, 2021 – 10 am CDT
Steve Christensen & Laurent Vigouroux

Preventing supply chain decay during a pandemic

STEMMER Distribution, the European leader in the distribution of dental products, protected their vast supply chain with b2wise.

90,000 customers, 600 suppliers, 70,000 items, 1.3+ million packages per year, 3 distribution centers, 8 sales platforms … here we are in the hard work of distribution!

And of course with specific constraints ….
Free in value, in quantity, purchase of full truck / container, minimum order value, special offers, mixed offers …

Violaine GIRARD, Demand & Supply director of STEMMER distribution, will explain how she launched her project and engaged her management in this adventure 😉
Vilolaine will answer the following questions :

1- How to onboard your top management ?
2- how to choose your POC and your pilot scope ?
3- How to protect your customers from suppliers disruptions ?
4- how to cope with pure distribution constraints as full truck load, mixed orders, free transportation from Minimum value quantity…

October 21th, 2021 – 10 am CDT
Violaine Girard – Stemmer Distribution
Steve Christensen & Laurent Vigouroux

What is DDBRIX and DDMRP and why has DDMRP become so successful in the past 5 years to model, plan and manage supply chains

Continued Professsional Development ASCI Webinar.
In this webinar we learn:   

  • Why traditional forecast driven planning causes chaos and stress in manufacturing and supply chain operations
  • How Demand Driven Material Requirements Planning (DDMRP) reduces this chaos and stress without you having to improve your forecast accuracy
  • Why synchronization is simpler and more powerful than optimization
  • How to start your journey by motivating the entire company to change using DDBRIX, the #1 DDMRP serious simulation game used by companies like Michelin, Coca Cola and Louis Vuitton as their change management tool in their DDMRP rollouts

This webinar is awarded one continued professional development point.

October 27rd, 2021 – 1pm UTC+11
Kevin Boake & Laurent Vigouroux
Free for ASCI members

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