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My customers inspire me!

I am proud to admit; my customers inspire me!


It is amazing what they can do with a whiteboard and felt tip pen if they are left to imagine their supply chains within the barriers of some IT resource always saying ‘No! We don’t like modifying the standard as it is too difficult to support’ or ‘Good Idea, but we just don’t have the resources to develop that’.


One of the silent benefits of a DDMRP implementation is that Supply Chain Planners get to innovate again. So as long as we are prepared to listen and provide a service to convert their ideas into tangible solutions, it is incredible what can be achieved in very short period of time.


Just in the past 3 months my customers have provided me with the blueprints to build DDMRP Buffer logic to handle

– factory shutdowns

– extremely seasonal items

– expiring stock using stock batches

– rough cut capacity planning

– catalogue planning for new part introduction and end of life cycle management

– incoterms to monitor inbound supply


So thank you customers… you are inspiring us.
You are making demand driven work in new sectors yet keeping it simple and clear.