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Since 2014, a significant change has appeared in global  manufacturing and supply chain operations.

The primary planning methodology of forecast driven MRP that was developed over 40 years ago to manage manufacturing and purchasing flows is causing high inventories, poor service levels and overcapacities issues. Hence many companies now consider these techniques obsolete.

A new flow-based methodology born in the US, called DDMRP, is challenging the status quo by augmenting MRP with techniques such as Lean, Theory of Constraints, Visual Management and 6 SIGMA.

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time to make a change

Switching from MRP to DDMRP

Although Demand Driven Management is not revolutionary, it represents a major change for companies that have historically ‘grown-up with MRP’ and invested millions of dollars and a whole lot of time in their MRP based demand, inventory and supply based planning systems.

Many IT departments in big companies are reluctant to switch and hence companies will require a very strong leadership to steer the company through the process. 

To switch, leaders  will need to focus on 3 areas; education, change management and finding a new software solution.

Start with education

Re-align your processes

Use Demand Driven software


Get educated in DDMRP

# 1

b2wise is a global leader in Demand Driven methodology education

We offer 4 Demand Driven training courses


  • N°1 DDMRP simulation game
  • Learn how to become Demand Driven by playing Lego
  • Understand the difference between MRP and DDMRP
  • Involve everyone and break down silos
  • 1 day of fun education


  • Understand how the model works
  • Learn the theory and the math
  • Understand how Lean, MRP and TOC work together
  • Critical for planners
  • 2 days classroom syle training


  • Undestand how to control the process
  • Learn how to think FLOW
  • Understand what metrics are critical
  • Aimed at managers and senior planners
  • 2 days classroom style training


  • Understand how to drive a Demand Driven business
  • Learn how to link the boardroom to the shop floor
  • Understand the missing link in traditional S&OP
  • Challenge your strategy
  • 1 day classroon style training

what our students say



DDBrix is a very visual and powerful way to understand DDMRP. I love it!

Eric Augier
Head of quality and operational excellence

The MRP path has been trodden for so long, it is completely beat up! DDbrix takes you beyond the beaten path and puts you on the road to new horizons.

Jide Adetunji
SCP Manager - Cosmetica

DDBrix is an extraordinary Tool for allowing SC Professionals from Purchasing, Manufacturing and Distribution to understand how to apply the DDMRP Methodology on a funny and practical way.

Bruno Acosta
Executive Director - Sapix

In the DDL Training I loved the simplicity of the concepts and of the way to implement them, high energy of presenters!

Philippe Cusseau
Freelance Consultant for Project Management in Industrial

motivate the team

Why train with b2wise ?

b2wise is the only software company that provides training and that’s the reason why we have developed a deep insight into how DDMRP practically works across multiple industry verticals.

In addition, because of our pratical on-the-ground experience gained from over 80 projects you can safely assume that we know the process and that we have the experience to make the training more relevant to your needs.

We are passionate about demand driven

- over 80 projects
- invented DDBRIX

We focus on making education fun

- Build up team spirit
- Learn while playing lego

We have experienced based instructors

- 7 instructors
- 3500+ people trained

We provide post training support

- Debriefing sessions
- Tutorials for exams

Demand Driven training

Our DDMRP training satisfaction metrics


95% course satisfaction*


98% course satisfaction*


100% course satisfaction*
*2020 figures compiled over the first 6 months of the year

The b2wise solution ecosystem

Join our DDMRP software community

What are we building?

b2wise is building a fully integrated end-to-end supply chain planning application with Demand Driven at the core. Our aim is to provide a single application that meets all our client planning needs. Our goal is to be a leader in the Gartner Supply Chain Planning System of Record.

How are we doing this?

Building a fully integrated end-to-end supply chain planning application is not an easy task and will take time. Our strategy is to work extremely close with our customers and prioritize our product roadmap based on their planning needs

Canva - Group of People Seated around a Table Having a Discussion

The b2wise application overview

Our end-to-end Demand Driven solution overview

Becoming Demand Driven is not just about a new order recommendation engine that uses actual demand and not the forecast within the operational range to trigger replenishment. The Demand Driven solution needs to cover both the tactical and strategic ranges as well as provide visibility across the global end-to-end supply chain. The Demand Driven solution must be able to map a process, embrace all the advancements in AI,  ML and predictive analytics, be scalable globally, integrate seamlessly with the ERP system and provide all the necessary performance analytics to run the projections, compare scenarios and sign-off on the S&OP process.

our demand driven roots

Key features of our solution

b2wise was built on site in a number of global DDMRP run factories and distribution environments suppported by leading DDMRP planning professionals and consultancies. Apart from all the DDMRP and supply chain planning functions, b2wise was built around the planners so as to make their jobs easier.  The application was built on the principles that an optimal performing supply chain needs to be visible, agile, responsive and open to change. One size does not fit all. 

b2wise provides a flexible interface to allow users to map their data files from any source.  For SAP and D365 clients b2wise provides a fully integrated solution that makes the set-up and data mapping extremely light touch for the IT department.  Once data files are mapped, data transfers can be manually executed through the interface or automated using the built-in sFTP or HTTPS data transfer options


Easy to use


Simple to adapt to our needs

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Smart features


Build workflows

Hassle free

Easy to manage

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b2wise application training

For our customers

- Basic and advanced on-site training
- Weekly webinars on features
- Responsive help desk
- Other customer interactions

For our partners

- Introductory Bootcamps
- Quarterly functional updates
- Data integration support
- Advanced configuration training

Milwaukee, USA
Querétaro, México
Lyon, France
Cape Town, South Africa
Birmingham, UK

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