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Making the transition from forecast-driven MRP to DDMRP requires a clearly constructed change management process.

At b2wise we specialize in helping companies achieve just this by accompanying them on their own journeys!



Want your old paradigms to change?

Train, Train, Train

Any transformation journey has to begin with training, not just for an individual, but for the mindset of the entire organisation from boardroom to shop floor.



To ensure buy-in, nothing beats proof

Understand the opportunity

To ensure a successful deployment, you need organizational buy-in and confidence. Your POC and simulations are designed to do just that.



Effective training and buy-in makes deployment easy

Launch with confidence

With the right thoughtware in place and organizational buy-in because of the results of the pilot, you are ready to start the transformation journey.



As you world changes, your solution needs to adapt with it.

Don't stand still

As your world changes, your solution needs to adapt and grow with you. b2wise DDMRP practitioner will be there to help you achieve your goals.

Where you build the fondation for success

Phase 1 : Training

Thoughtware before software

Any successful supply chain transformation needs to start with training;  not just for the planners but for the entire organization.

Certified DDMRP training

b2wise is a global leader in the certified DDMRP methodology training programs developed by the Demand Driven Institute and certified by ASCM/APICS. The courses we provide are DDPDDL and AS&OP .

Team building using DDBRIX

To help organizations understand what it means to become Demand Driven, b2wise has developed a serious management game called DDBrix. This Lego based game breaks down silos and introduces the entire organization to the power of demand driven in a fun learning way.

Our experts are ready to inspire you

Our team includes four Master DDP, three DDP, two DDL, two AS&OP as well as twleve DDBrix instructors. Training can be provided in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese.

Nothing beats proof

Phase 2 : Readiness

DDMRP is different. It is challenging some deep truths that have been around for a long time. Changing the mindset of people from the CEO to the shop floor worker is difficult and nothing helps more  than demonstrable results. 

In order to introduce your team to the new methods and to demonstrate clear results, most b2wise clients started with proof of concept (PoC)  project. This POC is a small scale project on a limited set of data. It is normally carried out on a subset of purchased or distributed parts as manufacturing normally needs more configuration.

Objective of a POC

To provide a clear business case with proof and an implementation roadmap of how Demand Driven will provide benefits.

Scope of a POC

Normally the scope is limited to a subset of purchased or distributed parts or a single production line that can be easily ring-fenced.

Preparing for a POC

Users need to be trained in DDP and the required data needs to be provided (in Excel if necessary) on a daily basis.

Where knowledge and experience flourish

Phase 3 : Deployment

Armed with the results and experiences gained from the POC; deploying b2wise throughout the organization will now be much simpler.  All you need to do is expand the dataset and follow our structured roll-out process to ensure success.  

Projects are executed using short daily online meetings.  The idea behind these meetings is to answer all user queries, identify software/data issues, agree to action plans and assign responsibilities.  Then we rapidly resolve them before the planning process starts again tomorrow. 

Deployment toolbox

In order to assist with the roll-out of b2wise across the organization, we have developed a ‘Deployment Toolbox’ which is based on our collective experiences gained from other global DDMRP and system roll-out projects. 

Project plans - Deliverables - Roles

Standard Data Requirements

Design Templates

Critical success factor checklist

Expanding Your Value Everywhere

Phase 4 : Adaptation

Making DDMRP stick long-term requires a business to adopt a framework of continuous improvement.    This framework needs to focus on enhancing the processes, supporting the people, fixing the data issues as well as ensuring the application fits your business.

Staying Relevant

To stay relevant, a DDMRP implementation needs to adapt to our fast-changing world. To keep our clients’ DDMRP implementation relevant, b2wise makes available a ‘DDMRP Coach’ whose roles is to act as a sounding board for our clients as they adapt and grow. These DDMRP coaches are either a part of B2Wise or join us from our global network of associates or partners.

In addition, b2wise actively encourages the sharing of experiences between our clients by arranging on-site inter company workshops, and by hosting a global user forum. 

Results from DDMRP have a lot to do with the level of adoption and commitment of management to the DDMRP principles across the entire company, and the more b2wise’s clients can learn from each other, the better.s

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