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Demand Driven for Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management

With the latest release of Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management, Microsoft has achieved compliance with the core standards for DDMRP software, as laid down by the Demand Driven Institute. Microsoft aligns his planning engine to other ERP vendors like SAP, IFS, by offering this new multi echelon pull flow inventory management to his users.

– What made them update the old MRPII ?
– Is DDMRP a new Order point, or safety stock management System ?
– What can we learn from the pioneers When implementing ddmrp on one supplier sku, one production Line, one distribution centre, one full supply chain ?
– How can you Start your project easily and with fun ?
– In this webinar we discuss the impact and benefits that this methodology can bring to material planning.

We review the challenges faced by organisations when adopting a demand driven approach and offer advice learnt from previous implementations of DDMRP with AX and D365 users.

 Join us and find out the best ways of making the changes required to adopt a demand driven approach, whether you are in manufacturing, distribution, or retail.

August 25th, 2022 

Laurent Vigouroux – VP Brand Ambassador – b2wise French

Roger Fleury

James Winefield

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