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Why did we start a Supply Chain channel?

Despite all the irritating & chaotic moments in supply chain planning, we still enjoy our jobs and we know that most of you do too. So we decided to make fun of the chaos with a video and before we knew it we had a few seasons of content.

Feel free to binge watch! It only takes 10 minutes to watch an entire season.

The key to start your transformation

b2wise TV

In the b2wise TV series you will learn the key information you need to start your supply chain transformation.

Good DDMRP TRAINING is the key to success


Our training is the life blood of our company and we are extremely proud to have invented DDBrix which has enabled many companies to  successfully transform to a Demand Driven model.

our clients have achieved some amazing results

Business Cases

We prefer to treat our customers as partners and we feel part of their team when they succeed.

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