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AUGUST 21ST 2021​

Tired of being a Prisoner of MRP?

Apart from the need to punish, the humanitarian in me would like to believe that the main objective of prison is to rehabilitate inmates by getting them to conform to normal society. The system is designed to get their conduct to match the attitudes, beliefs and behaviours of normal society with zero tolerance to rule breaking. This is done by providing […]

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AUGUST 10Th 2021

The right math for the right problem

Over and over again I have heard comments that the math behind DDMRP is too simplistic. Yet in the real world these ‘simplistic’ formulas have resulted in my clients substantially reducing (+40%) their inventories, improving their service (+8%) and eliminating […]

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october 30th 2020

Safety Stock vs Flow: The fundamental difference!

Having worked with Advanced Planning Systems for the past 25 years, there is one common denominator I have seen in all the traditional forecast driven MRP methodologies and that is […]

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october 7Th 2020

My customers inspire me!

I am proud to admit; my customers inspire me!

It is amazing what they can do with a whiteboard and felt tip pen if they are left to imagine their supply chains within the barriers of some IT resource always saying ‘No! We don’t like modifying the […]

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september 19th 2020

Because it is so simple is exactly why it will be a game changer

After 5 excellent, but sleep deprived days (and nights) in Las Vegas attending the ASCM 2019 conference, my big take away is that we (and by we, I am referring to the broader Demand Driven community) have a unique challenge to overcome in order to win over the American market. The challenge is to […]

DDMRP supply chain B2wise

june 1st 2018

The 4 Key Stages of becoming Demand Driven

Since 2014, a significant change has appeared in the manufacturing and supply chain operations. The primary planning methodologies of forecast driven MRP that was developed over 40 years ago to manage manufacturing and purchasing flows is causing high inventories, poor service levels and overcapacities issues in today’s VUCA world. Hence many companies […]

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July 3rd 2015

Quick Guide on 'How to reduce inventory quickly!'

A customer with an inventory problem asked me a question yesterday….’I need to reduce inventory fast, what should I do?’

 The answer is pretty easy…

 ‘Make sure[…]

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