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All you need to know about b2wise

about us

Who are we?

b2wise was founded by 2 brothers, Kevin and Trevor Boake, both with 25+ year experience in supply chain planning software development, and the DDMRP pioneer in France, Laurent Vigouroux. The company’s aims to be
  • The #1 DDMRP trainer globally
  • Provide the most adaptive and reliable DDMRP supply chain planning application
  • Support our client on the DDMRP journeys
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Top 5 DDI affiliate

Our history

The fastest growing DDMRP training, transformation & software company

In just over 5 years, we have signed up +70 clients spanning 25 countries across a wide range of industries. We have become a ‘Top 5’ Global affiliate of DDI and have trained +5,000 professionals. We are actively working with 8 of the top 40 companies in France on their DDMRP journeys. Together with 2 of our clients, Sames Kremlin and Protea Chemicals we have won two major industrial awards in France (King of Supply Chain: 2019) and South Africa (Gold Medal: LAA 2019) respectively. We now have offices in France, USA, UK, Mexico and South Africa and have active partners in Australia, Holland, Middle East and India.
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Our objectives

To make DDMRP unbelievably easy

  • Adaptive tool that meets your needs
  • Rich in DDMRP & SCP features & functions
  • Easy to use, stable, reliable and fast
  • Reliable and high quality
  • Employ highly skilled staff
  • Pro-active
  • Solve issues quickly
  • Good understanding of your business
  • high customer satisfaction
  • Widespread user adoption
  • Support international roll out

DDMRP champions

Some of our DDMRP partners

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DDMRP Bootcamps

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Partners' Testimonials

Laurent Penard_BD_ c

During our pioneering work on DDMRP, b2wise worked tirelessly with us to ensure their solution mastered the complexity of our most challenging DDMRP environments. Our partnership is a major asset.

Founder & CEO - Citwell
Francois Quere

b2wise has allowed XL Group to quickly build knowledge in the DDMRP methodology and has supported us in becoming a DDI Affiliate. Laurent Vigouroux's dynamism and expertise are invaluable.

Senior consultant XL Groupe

b2wise has been a trusted partner in our mission to bring the revolutionary DDMRP principles to our clients. They are very perceptive to customer needs and are very flexible to ensure they always meet and exceed customer expectations. What differentiates them from others is that they are not only technically strong in DDMRP software but are also subject matter experts in this field and are educators par excellence. We wish them all the success!

Naveen Narayanan
Managing Director
Roger Fleury

b2wise are an ideal partner to work with as they really do love their customers. Not only do they truly care about the quality of their software and the services they provide, but they have exactly the right insight on what is needed to deliver “DDMRP for Dynamics” as a global solution.

Roger Fleury
Shea Global

Awards? We've won a few with DDMRP

Logistics Achiever Awards

Logistics Achiever Awards - Gold Prize

We are proud of our client Protea Chemicals and our South African team to have won the gold award for our DDMRP project at this prestigious black-tie event. This project shows what can be achieved if you bring together 2 passionate organisations with one single goal, to transform planning.  Protea Chemicals is one of our most mature clients in terms of DDMRP Transformation.

b2wise au supply chain event

People’s choice award at Paris SCE

We are honoured that our DDMRP solution received this award of been highly relevant in today’s digital marketplace. This competition is organized in parallel with the Supply Chain Event in Paris. 32 companies competed, they each had to explain why their digital solution was most innovative and above all most relevant to their market.

b2wise supply chain award

King of Supply Chain - France

Very proud to have won for the second time the King of Supply Chain Award in Paris. Leila Bouhali and Laurent Vigouroux presented their work on a DDMRP transformation at Sames Kremlin, one of the first company to ever implement DDMRP.

A worldwide company

Our offices

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North American Office

United States

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LATAM Office


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Southern Europe Office


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AMEA Office

South Africa

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Northern Europe Office

United Kingdom

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Iberia Office


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APAC Office


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Our DDMRP Team