The Team

B2Wise is a DDMRP software, consulting and training company with offices in USA, UK, France and South Africa


Our management team include both methodology and software experts with over 20 years experience in

  • MRP, DRP, MPS, Demand Forecast, Scheduling, Capacity and now DDMRP
  • Developing Supply Chain Planning Software
  • Running projects, providing training and on-going support on a global basis


Our vision is to enable our clients to turn their supply chain planning function into a competitive weapon using DDMRP. We aim to do this by providing both expert in the field of DDMRP as well as leading edge technology that is developed through customer lead requirements.

With our application our goal is to provide an intuitive interface aimed at empowers our clients to

  • Make well informed accurate decisions quickly
  • Monitor and Control their planning function
  • To spend more time planning and less time data gathering