When it comes to all our DDMRP projects, we view training as the critical enabler of success. It is the first and the most important step towards uniting the team, changing their mindset and starting on a transformation journey. As a Demand Driven Institute Affiliate with two CDDP instructors, B2Wise are able to run formal certified Demand Driven Planning (DDP) training courses on-site. This training is designed for planning, purchasing and supply chain personnel who will ultimately be responsible for maintaining a DDMRP implementation. We recommend that Operations, IT and Finance personnel also attend. It comprises of 13 modules of in-depth DDMRP education. Once completed, participants are eligible to write the ISCEA’s Certified Demand Driven Planner (CDDP) Certification test.



The official text of the DDP is Demand Driven Material Requirements Planning (Ptak and Smith, Industrial Press 2016)

Official Text Book

DDI text book

Program attendees should read the following white papers:

The Power of Decoupling – Unlocking the Secret to Demand Driven Material Requirements Planning (DDMRP)
Lean Finds a Friend in DDMRP

Program attendees should review the Demand Driven Institute Dictionary.

Participants preparing for the course should thoroughly review the DDMRP page on the DDI site.


Module 1: Planning in the Modern World

  • The MRP Revolution

  • Evidence of a Problem

  • The New Normal

Module 2: The Importance of Flow

  • Plossl’s First Law

  • Demonstrate Flow’s importance in industry

  • Plossl’s Law Caveat

  • The Bullwhip Effect

Module 3: Unlocking a Solution – Decoupling

Module 4: Becoming Demand Driven

  • “MRP versus Lean” Conflict

  • What “Demand Driven” really means

  • Demand Driven Operating Model

  • Demand Driven MRP

Module 5: Strategic Inventory Positioning

  • Six Positioning Factor

  • Decoupled Lead time

  • Matrix Bill of Material

Module 6: Distribution Network Positioning

  • Unique Distribution Positioning Factors

  • Compare and contrast demand driven to push and promote

  • Positioning across a supply chain

​Module 7: Buffer Profiles and Levels

  • Inventory – Asset or Liability

  • Buffer Profiles

  • Buffer Zones

  • Calculating Buffer Levels

Module 8: Dynamic Buffer Adjustments

  • Recalculated Adjustments

  • Planned Adjustments

  • Manual Adjustments

  • Factors for Planning Adjustment Factors

Module 9: Demand Driven Planning

  • Part Planning Designations

  • DDMRP Planning Process

  • Supply Order Generation for Stocked Items

  • DDDRP Supply Order Generation Considerations

  • Supply Generation for Non-Stocked Items

  • Decoupled Explosion

  • Prioritized Share

Module 10: Highly Visible and Collaborative Execution

  • Challenging Priority by Due Date

  • Buffer Status Alerts

  • Synchronization Alerts

  • Execution Collaboration

Module 11: DDMRP and the Operational Environment

  • DDMRP Strategic Buffer Criteria

  • DDMRP and Safety Stock

  • DDMRP and Order Point

  • DDMRP and Scheduling

  • DDMRP and WIP Priority Management

  • Compare/contrast MRP, Lean and DDMRP

Module 12: Demand Driven Sales and Operations Planning

  • DDS&OP

  • Analytics for Master Settings changes and model improvement

  • DDS&OP protection for critical strategic impacts

Module 13: Program Summary

  • Program Summary

  • Expected Benefits of DDMRP

  • Get Started with DDMRP


The Demand Driven Planner (DDP)™ Program is official preparatory education for the Demand Driven Planner Professional (DDPP)™. The Demand Driven Planner Professional (DDPP)™ is a professional endorsement certification offered by the Demand Driven Institute, the global authority for Demand Driven education, training, certification and compliance. The DDPP™ is earned by an individual who can apply the demand driven concepts, analyze an environment and evaluate an environment using the Demand Driven Material Requirements Planning (DDMRP) methodology. For more information on the DDPP endorsement certification process visit the Demand Driven Planner Professional (DDPP)™ page.



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