B2wise’s application is fully certified DDMRP by the Demand Driven Institute. It contains all the DDMRP concepts and plays an important part in the training of the DDMRP principles.

  • Basic Training – As part of a pilot study B2Wise provide a 2-Day Application Training course. This training teachers the planners how to use the B2Wise Application to execute DDMRP across the business. The training material is embedded in our DDMRP Reference Help Files for easy access post the training.
  • Advanced Training – B2Wise also provides advanced training aimed at concepts like capacity buffers, time buffers, control points as well as to re-iterate key concepts like the Strategic stock positions, Buffer Simulation and Decoupled Lead Time calculation. It explores all the advanced accepts of the methodology that the users might not get exposed to in the day to day operations.