DDMRP is different. It is challenging some deep truths that have been around for a long time. Changing mindsets of people from the CEO to the shop floor worker is difficult and nothing helps more than demonstrable results.


In order to introduce your team to the new methods and to demonstrate clear results, B2Wise suggests all clients start with a pilot project. This pilot project is a small scale project on a limited set of data. It is normally carried out on purchased or distributed parts. As a part of the pilot, B2Wise will:

  • Connect our application to your ERP system
  • Implement the DDMRP workflow of ‘position, protect and pull’
  • Introduce the users to the key DDMRP metrics fundamental to the business
  • Conduct training on functional components like individual part run-rate charts and right sizing buffer simulations with live data
  • Use these simulations to analyse the current inventory levels and order pipeline at the part level
  • Develop an overall inventory and service level objective
  • Produce new DDMRP replenishment orders for comparison with the current replenishment rules


Apart from demonstrating results, this pilot projects also affords the client the opportunity to

  • Understand what transformations will be required
  • Address master data deficiencies
  • Design new process and work flows
  • Identify training requirements
  • Get the thought-ware of the organisation right