Armed with the learning from the pilots and the first hand experience of running B2Wise live on a sub-set of your organisation, rolling out B2Wise is much easier. All that is now required is to expanded the data set and then to follow B2Wise’s structured deployment process to ensure success.


In order to assist with the roll-out of B2Wise across the organisation, B2Wise has developed a ‘Deployment Toolbox’ which is based on our collective experiences gained from other global DDMRP and system roll-out projects. Our ‘Deployment Toolkit’ includes;

  • Project Management Artifacts
    • Project plans, project objective, key milestones with agreed deliverables, team member roles, communication plans, key success factors
  • Data download templates and integration requirements
  • Conceptual solution design templates
  • Standard training material
  • Detailed test plan examples


Projects are normally executed using short daily, then weekly, online project meetings with the intention of identifying software and data issues, agreeing a plan an responsibilities and then rapidly resolving them.

On most projects, the key success factor is data integration and master data accuracy. B2Wise normally leads the data integration, functional development and system testing work streams with the client taking the lead on the master data and training workstream