Making DDMRP stick long-term requires a business to adopt a framework of continuous improvement that focuses on the enhancing the processes, supporting the people, fixing the data issues as well as the ensuring the application adapts with the business.


To stay relevant, a DDMRP implements needs to adapt to our fast-changing world. To keep our clients DDMRP relevant, B2Wise make available a ‘DDMRP Coach’ whose roles is to act as a sounding board for our clients as they adapt and grow. These DDMRP coaches are either a part of B2Wise or join us from our global network of associates or partners.

In addition, B2Wise actively encourages the sharing of experiences between our clients by arranging on-site inter company workshops, and by hosting a global user forum. Results from DDMRP, have a lot to do with the level of adoption and commitment of management to the DDMRP principles across the entire company, and the more B2Wise’s clients can learn from each other, the better.


Through our experience we understand how complex and demanding supply chain planning can be; therefore we know that simplicity and practicality are best. No one likes to wait. Our support vision is to respond quickly and remain close to our clients. We want to become their trusted DDMRP solution provider that resolves issues promptly.

Our goal is to give control to your Supply Chain Planners through our process-driven user-friendly interface, thereby empowering them to make well informed, accurate decisions more quickly.