The B2Wise Application

B2Wise is a fully DDMRP compliant Supply Chain Planning application that allows you sense changing customer demand, then to adapt planning and production while pulling inventory from work centres and suppliers – all in real time.

High Level Application Design

The B2Wise blueprint was developed with planners in a live planning environment. Hence, apart from all the DDMRP functionality required to run a distribution and manufacturing setup, B2Wise includes a number of super-cool planning features designed to make a planner’s task easier.

B2Wise High Level Design


Simple, automated integration with your ERP System

Flexible deployment in the cloud or on-premise

Multi-regional and multi-language

SSO integration and role-based security

User friendly and scalable

B2Wise is the modern answer to the complexity of the modern manufacturer and distributor.

The application is built on the principles than an optimally performing supply chain needs to be visible, agile, and responsive and open to change.


B2Wise provides a flexible interface to allow users to map their data files from any source.

Once data files are mapped, data transfers can be manually executed through the interface or automated using the built-in FTP or HTTPS data transfer application


In addition to all the DDMRP functionalities, B2Wise also includes:

  • Supply and demand planning portals to enable easy communication with suppliers and customers.
  • Advanced forecasting and demand management functionalities, ideal for creating blended forecasts needed to handle seasonality.


The B2Wise application has a fully integrated Demand Management and Forecasting module. This module generates a line item forecast using tournament techniques, calculates forecast errors over the decoupled lead time horizon, and monitors forecast stability, and alerts users to sharp changes in future demand.


Importing customer-specified forecasts

Selection of the best-fit algorithms using tournament techniques

Collaboration with colleagues and customers using a consensus forecast

Hierarchical forecasting techniques to improve seasonality and trend detection

This forecast can be used as an alternative adjustment factor to augment the DDMRP ADU calculation.